On June 20 the Final Houston Bike Plan Report was released by BikeHouston and presented to City Council’s Transportation Technology and Infrastructure (TTI) Committee. This project is funded by the City of Houston, BikeHouston, Houston Parks Board, H-GAC, FTA, FHWA, and TxDOT. During the public comment period ending April 11, the Bike Plan team received 245 comments on the interactive map, 1,240 survey responses, and over 100 written and emailed comments.

The final Plan responded to these comments by including an additional 133 miles of proposed bikeway facilities throughout Houston, additional pilot project examples located throughout the City, a bayou access plan, guidance on neighborhood bike planning, and new and revised key recommendations.

BikeHouston helps in promoting the Bike Plan, which is crucial to increasing community support as the plan move towards adoption by City Council. If you would like to write a letter of support, please visit www.houstonbikeplan.org to download letters of support, which can be customized and sent to BikeHouston.

Next steps will include City Council consideration of proposed ordinance changes to enable adoption of the Bike Plan and future Bike Plan updates, a public hearing at Planning Commission, and final approval of the Plan at City Council.

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  1. Donald Toellner July 16, 2016 at 9:59 am

    Spend the money on storm sewer & drainage issues that cost citizens millions of dollars and disrupt their lives. The niceties come after the the other is fixed.
    If you can’t get out of your home and down the street the bike paths are useless and they are probably impassable.

    If you can’t afford to fix drainage issues you damn sure SHOULD NOT be wasting money on trails and paths. This was expressed to Council Member Stardig, Mike Knox and members of COH PW in a meeting 7/14/2016 on flooding in my subdivision of Spring Shadows South and Campbell Woods. That’s always the problem in the city, if you have a beer budget you can’t drink whiskey. So do what is “Right” for the residents.

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