Only a few minor details have delayed the final sign-off on the reconstruction of Long Point road, but the work is substantially complete, said Chris Edwards, an engineer with Cobb Fendley

One segment of the project that had not been completed as of the first week of July was the construction of  wheelchair ramps at the Long Point and Bingle intersection, he said. A temporary traffic signal pole was still standing in the path of that part of the project. Whenever the detoured traffic is switched, that pole can be removed and the ramps installed, Edwards said.

Significant rainfall that caused city-wide flooding in late May followed by Tropical Storm Bill in early June were key factors contributing to some construction delays, Edwards added.

“It’s moving along. Everything is just about done. We’ve got a punch list and the contractor (Conrad Construction) is taking care of those items,” Edwards said. The punch list includes site clean-up, replacing sod, and repairs to a couple of residential driveways.

A substantial walk-through of the project was conducted in June, but inspectors from the City of Houston are expected to come back for a final review when everything is completed.

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  1. Patrick Leone July 11, 2015 at 9:56 am

    While I am speaking only as a SB resident for my entire life, I congratulate the Long Point Improvements. My concern is the Long Point at Antoine intersection. Years ago there was money set aside for improvements and as of yet this intersection continues to get ignored.. There is no protected left turn East bound / West bound on Long Point making it a danger to people who navigate this road.

    Years ago, without widening LP at all, the city restriped the street creating a 3rd left turn lane. This proved itself to be a hazard when all 5 lanes E/b +W/b were occupied (large trucks) many accidents were caused by this. We at this end have been IGNORED and swept aside. There have been serious injuries/deaths at this intersection, most recently the death of a cyclist.. Yes what SBMD has done looks nice, but nothing has been done about the safety. When I questioned what happened to the funds allocated to the city, the response was the funds were used for other improvements

    This is the only intersection that has not been improved on Long Point. A couple of years ago, COH moved the traffic poles what appeared to be in preparation for widening, but the project stopped at this point.

    Another point, SBMD saved our esplanades for dead .last. The quality of the improvement I would give a D rating.. In case you have not noticed, the Pine Terrace area is changing (like most of SB) for the better. in the 1400 block to the 1800 block of Antoine, the landscapers dug up the esplanades and left them untouched for probably 60 days. When the landscapers returned, they planted only trees with no other plants or flowers, Some of the trees appear dead. There is no comparison in this project as to all the other esplanades in SBMD.

    There is also confusion when it comes to maintenance. The private landscapers come by occasionally. The city Parks and Rec comes by and cuts only part of the area due to the size of. We have some red tip hedges on each end that are extremely overgrown and need trimming, it just does not fit in with the new theme of landscape.

    I have for 20 years trimmed these and kept them most in shape. I also Walk my area and pick up the tremendous amounts of litter (empty 12 pks of beer and even dirty diapers) I stopped and asked the landscapers the other day if they would trim the red tip bushes, even offered to pay them. they refused. I am not able to do as much outside work anymore.

    My neighbor and I have trimmed the crepe myrtles for decades. A couple of years ago the city threatened to have my neighbor (an 80 yo man) arrested for trespass for trimming the Crepe Myrtles.

    Just asking for a little fairness and compassion on this neglected portion of SBMD.

    Patrick Leone 713 681-4728

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