The reconstruction of Long Point between Hollister and Pech, which began in early 2014, is now nearing completion, according to Chris Edwards of Cobb Fendley & Associates, the engineering firm overseeing the project.

Edwards said the last segment of pavement was being laid May 7 and 8, and completion is expected around the end of the month. With only a finishing details to address, the roadway should be open to traffic sometime in June, he said.

“They’ll still need to do some of the curbs and the medians,” he added. The final steps before the roadway opens would be the striping of the lanes and then approval by the City of Houston.

In the summer of 2014, when the project bid was awarded to Robert Conrad Construction, Cobb Fendley principal Mahmoud Salehi said the four-lane boulevard and drainage infrastructure would be greatly improved with new sidewalks and a modernized traffic signal.

“We’re done with our construction meetings and we’re wrapping it up,” Edwards said. “I’m looking forward to seeing it complete.”

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