The long-term project to improve Long Point Road, one of the main thoroughfares of the Spring Branch Management District, is making strides as construction crews labor daily.

“Construction is still underway,” said Chris Edwards of Cobb Fendley & Associates, the engineering firm spearheading the projects.

As of the end of August and early weeks of September, construction crews will be laying the pavement for the westbound lanes on the north side of the road up to Bingle. At Bingle, they’ll be putting down brick pavers, he added. Traffic will then switch to the south side of the road from Bingle to the west.

Also, the 16-inch water trunk line is just about complete all the way to Pech Road.

“They’ll be chlorinating it and testing it in the next few weeks and then that should be good to go,” he said.

They’re also doing some sewer work where they can on the east side of Bingle, and theyre putting in a junction box at Moritz. Once they get the traffic switched over, they’ll be able to blow and go on the rest of that.”

The new bridge on the north side at Buttermilk Creek is making good progress, he said, as the piers have been completed and structural elements are being laid.

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