By Ryan M. Leach

We all know that the traditional Valentine’s Day fare is a fancy dinner downtown, perhaps a steak and a glass of red wine with your person of choice. But with all the amazing restaurants in Houston, maybe it is time to break out and experiment with a new destination. We have six unique Spring Branch suggestions for you below that are sure to impress any date.

    1. Flower Piggy – Korean barbecue is a fun and hearty experience for everyone, but especially those new to the cuisine. Flower Piggy is known for having some of the best in town. Don’t miss out on the Haemul Pajeon, a crispy pancake packed with green onions and prawn. It promises to be something different and special to share with your lover.
    2. Polonia Restaurant – If cooking barbecue together for Valentine’s Day isn’t quite your style, perhaps a trip to the old country will be. Polonia, which bills itself as the only authentic Polish restaurant in Houston, serves up Polish favorites like starchy potato pancakes, cabbage rolls, and mouthwatering pierogis. Be careful not to fill up on the bread and smalec (a lard-based spread), and stop by the Polish grocery adjacent to the restaurant to impress your partner with some imported chocolates.
    3. EurAsia Fusion Sushi– If starchy pancakes or hearty barbecue seems a little heavy for this romantic holiday, Eurasia Fusion Sushi’s lighter fare may just fit the bill. If you want to heat things up at the dinner table you might consider the 1330 Fahrenheit Roll with peppered tuna and jalapeno. Or if you want to venture into the “fusion” side of EurAsia’s menu, we recommend the Chilean Sea Bass Miso to impress your date.
    4. Kim Chau – If you’re planning a quiet night at home, you may want to consider Kim Chau Vietnamese restaurant. The traditional Vietnamese staples are all here from pho to banh mi. You and your significant other will have a filling experience whether you dine in or take out.
    5. Fratelli’s – If you’re looking for something a little more traditional but still close to home, Fratelli’s Italian bistro offers your more traditional Valentine’s faire. Nothing says “amore” like Chef Mark Cox’s special three course menu. Don’t get too full to kiss your sweetheart!
    6. Chavez Mexican Café – Sometimes you want a simple and reasonably priced night out and everyone in Houston loves some good Mexican food. There aren’t any surprises at Chavez. The only thing better than the food is the margaritas. And if you are a couple with kids, they have a great menu for them too!

The best thing about the diversity of Spring Branch is its diverse offerings for its residents and visitors. You can enjoy a great Valentine’s dinner and then take things back home for a great Valentine’s night.

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  1. Ruben February 12, 2018 at 6:44 pm

    Great List Chris! You’re spot on!

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