Jordan Leason

After each e-mail, Jordan Leason signs off with, “In Good Health.” It’s not just a signature line for him. At Houston Strength, his business in the Spring Branch Management District, the goal is to give physical training clients individualized guidance resulting in their best health outcomes.

And, based on business, Spring Branch appears to be ready for it.

Leason, owner and head coach, has been in business for seven years in the Spring Branch area, including three years at his current location at 9025 Ruland Rd. and four at another location in the area.

Why Spring Branch? “My wife grew up in Spring Branch, and we started the gym out of our garage in Spring Branch,” Leason said.

He was also training people in the Houston Heights, he said, “but quickly the business in Spring Branch was bigger than my clientele in The Heights and we moved all of our operations off of Westview in Spring Branch.”

Houston Strength now has a 4,000-square-foot facility with seven coaches on staff who each have a host of specializations.

“We work with clients and athletes from all walks of life,” Leason said. “We have multiple professional athletes training in our facility, as well as many high-level professionals that are looking to fit an efficient training program into their busy lives.”

He said Houston Strength differs from other facilities because it is exclusively private training.

“All clients and athletes are under supervision of a coach whenever they attend our facility, which allows for a more intimate training environment,” he said.

Because everything is done under the watchful eye of experienced coaches, the facility can offer professional personal training and performance training for athletes as young as 7 years old and for clients well into their later years, Leason said.

And there is no major commitment; all programs are month-to-month.

A $25 introductory session includes posture and mobility assessments, an individualized workout and a goal-setting session.

“No matter your goals or situation we have a coach on staff that can help,” Leason said.“We pride ourselves on building an individualized program specific to the client or athlete that walks through our doors.”

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And be sure to check out Leason’s “Houston Strength Podcast,” which is celebrating one year of streaming, on all streaming platforms, including Spotify.

Houston Strength
9025 Ruland Rd.
Houston, TX 77055

— by Dorothy Puch Lillig