transportConstruction to make substantial improvements to Long Point Road continues toward its goal of completion by January 2015, said Chris Edwards, an engineer with Cobb Fendley & Associates.

The project is now at least 40 percent completed with no extensions requested, and Edwards said he is optimistic that that it will be completed on time.

“We have substantially completed the water line installation in the project limits,” said Edwards. “They’ve got the waterline in and they’re still working on the storm sewer.”

Pavement has been laid between Hollister and Bingle, he added.

“They have installed brick pavers in the northwest corner of Bingle/Long Point intersection,” he said.  “The public will be able to get a glimpse of what that intersection will look like once they’ve done all four corners. It’s looking pretty good.”

Edwards said the bridgework is underway. Construction crews are getting some of the form work done and they’re getting ready to pour the extension of the bridge as well.

Traffic has been switched on Bingle so now drivers are driving on the left or west side of the road now, Edwards said.

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