Community Workshop March 4, 2014 6PM – 8:30PM

The Spring Branch Management District is creating a comprehensive plan for Spring Branch. A comprehensive plan is usually developed in cities with zoning and refers to the breadth of issues the plan is required to address. In the case of Spring Branch, we are using the term “comprehensive” loosely to refer to a broad vision for managing our community resources including but not limited to open space, mobility, infrastructure and land use. The Board sees this vision plan as an important tool in our continuing efforts to help shape the future of this community in the most positive way. The plan needs to be founded on the ideas and aspirations of the Spring Branch community. This is why community input is so important.

Eventually, it is the Board’s intention to use this plan as the basis for the District’s next service plan. All management districts are required by the State of Texas to have a service plan. Our current service plan started in 2005 and will expire in 2015. You can view it here.

The Board will approve a new fifteen year service plan based on the results of this comprehensive planning process.

Spring Branch is vibrant and evolving. The physical location of our community in a dynamic city like Houston gives us a much greater advantage than most any other area in the city. The Board believes that by being proactive, we as a community can shape the future of Spring Branch in an extremely positive way. Since our founding almost ten years ago, the District has made great strides in re-positioning and promoting Spring Branch as a wonderful place to live, raise a family and conduct business. But this is just the beginning. The Board has directed that the comprehensive plan be an action-oriented plan with clear implementation programs with priority projects and strategies that include costs and funding sources.

Our workshop on March 4th was another critical step towards creating the comprehensive plan for Spring Branch. We expect to have another community workshop later this year in September. Between now and then the Board will receive your input and with the expertise of our consulting team, continue to develop a draft plan. In September, we will, again, ask for your input on this draft plan. We expect to have the plan completed by December. So please, roll up your sleeves, put on your thinking caps and tell us how you see, or dream, the future of our wonderful Spring Branch. We look forward to reading your comments.

Patricia Maddox
Chair, Spring Branch Management District