Elected officials representing the Spring Branch and the greater Northwest Houston region – State Representative Lacey Hull, Houston At-Large Council Member #1 Mike Knox and District A Houston City Council Member Amy Peck – have banded together as a united voice for Spring Branch residents during this unprecedented weather crisis. These elected officials do work together when issues overlap, but wanted to make it publicly known that there is particular cohesion and communication between the three offices while the Spring Branch and the greater Spring Branch area weathers the effects of the historic cold and freezing temperatures.
Representative Hull, Council Member Knox and Council Member Peck each went without power and water for extended periods of time like so many in their districts. They are undeterred in their commitment to serve the community and its needs.
“We are here working together on all cylinders to make sure Spring Branch and Houston residents have been heard and represented at the state and city levels as this energy and weather crisis has unfolded this week. This is inexcusable and we never want this to happen again to our area,” said Representative Hull. “I have been cataloguing each constituent concern with great detail, so I can provide this critical information during the House hearings next week which will delve into what happened at the Electrical Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). They must be held accountable and know their effect on our families and our children. I am working in tandem with Council Member Peck and Council Member Knox to make sure I am coordinating constituent concerns with them and vice versa.”
“District A is a tight-knit community of neighborhoods like Spring Branch. All week, we knew residents just wanted their heat and power returned. We have been working to do what we could to share these frustrations with City leadership immediately and will continue to do so while we work to provide solutions for our residents to channel their needs to the right department to take action,” said Council Member Peck. “We are currently working to make sure our roads continue to be made safer so people can get gas and food. We are also working to make sure that Houston Public Works knows which residents in Spring Branch are still without water. We are passing information, updates and advisories we receive to residents through email and social media as fast as we receive it. We are working on a central water distribution location right now to announce with the City of Houston this afternoon.”
“I am very supportive of the work of Representative Hull and Council Member Peck in their efforts in my own neighborhood of Spring Branch and this area. We are unified in our efforts to bring the voices of residents to leadership at the City and State levels as we pull through this and learn more and more about the hardships endured,” said Council Member Knox. “This crisis should never have occurred. We are a united front for Spring Branch and all of Houston to make sure it doesn’t happen again. We know there is a recovery period as power and water is restored and we will be working together to ease the burden as much as possible through services available as recovery begins.”
Each elected official represents Spring Branch and the greater Northwest Houston region in a unique way. Representative Hull represents Spring Branch and Northwest Houston in the Texas Legislature. Council Member Peck represents Spring Branch on Houston City Council in addition to other nearby communities such as Carverdale, Inwood, Willowbrook, Fairbanks/Northwest Crossing, and Addicks Park Ten. Council Member Knox represents all of Houston in his At-Large capacity, but as a resident of Spring Branch for 35 years who raised his family in Spring Branch and has worked in the greater Spring Branch area, Council Member Knox can uniquely help amplify the concerns of the Spring Branch area given his deep familiarity with the community.
To contact Representative Hull, Council Member Knox and Council Member Peck about your concerns or to stay up-to-date on news and advisories, please see the following for their contact information:
State Representative Lacey Hull
State Office: 512-463-0727
Twitter: @LaceyHullTX
Houston City Council Member At-Large #1 Mike Knox
Houston Office: 832-393-3014
District A Houston City Council Member Amy Peck
Houston Office: 832-393-3010
Twitter: @AmyPeck
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