Want to be a part of something big? Something that has never been done before in Houston? The Cannon and LetsLaunch are giving a few select businesses the opportunity to be part of a live fund raising round as part of The Cannon’s Grand Opening party this Summer. The application details are listed below, and the deadline to apply is at May 24th and 5pm CST.

  • What is live fundraising? Where everyone in a room or at an event has the opportunity to invest in your business real time. This is done under crowdfunding regulations with our partner LetsLaunch.
  • Why would it be cool to do? You would be a part of The Cannon’s grand opening event and everyone in attendance at that event (estimated at over a 1000 people) would have the opportunity to invest in your business. Not only would it be great to promote your business but we hope it will be a great way to raise funds.
  • What do I need to do to live fundraise at The Cannon’s event? Apply here before May 24th 2019. If you are selected to the next stage you will need to agree to complete your company’s profile on LetsLaunch by 15th June 2019. We will then select the final participants prior to the event.
  • Do I need to be fundraising already? No, but you do need to know the terms you would like to fundraise on, so it helps if you’ve already started the process. If you are already fundraising, this campaign can be done alongside your current raise.
  • How much can I raise? We are looking for businesses that want to raise up to $100K via crowdfunding at The Cannon Grand Opening. This can be in total or in addition to funds that are already being raised elsewhere so this can be a great way to supplement any ongoing raise.

If you would like more information on how crowdfunding works please visit LetsLaunch’s info page or contact Rhian Davies ([email protected]).

Thank you,
The Cannon Team

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