It’s 2023 and, while we may still be wishing each other a happy new year, people don’t know what the future holds.

Or do they?

A family-owned metaphysical shop in the Spring Branch Management District hosts readers of the future on a daily basis, using tarot cards, oracle cards or astrology charts.

Purportedly giving insights into your past, present and future, tarot cards come in a structured deck with certain rules involved. Oracle cards are a bit more free flowing. Astrology chart readings use the position of the planets on the day you were born to determine the types of energies you were exposed to at your moment of birth.

On Wednesdays, Indigo Moons hosts a reader/healer who offers past-life hypnosis sessions as well as qigong healing, which uses exercises to optimize energy within the body, mind, and spirit.

Not sure which reading or healing program is right for you? Owners Misty Wellman and Jeremy Easley are welcoming, informative and happy to provide details on the services and products they offer at Indigo Moons, located at 1900 Blalock Rd. near the corner of Blalock and Campbell.

“We welcome you to come in and chat with us anytime, to come in and have some tea or water and have a seat on our couch to just decompress, meditate or visit with others who are also on their spiritual journeys,” Wellman said.

Previously located in Cypress, with an indoor shop within Traders Village, Indigo Moons opened in Spring Branch in spring 2015.

“We chose Spring Branch for our brick and mortar location because we live in Spring Branch and we wanted to build up our local metaphysical community here,” said Wellman, who was born in southern California and lived in Arizona before moving to Houston in 2009. Easley, an Amarillo native, moved to Houston when he was 10.

While the shop brings in practitioners to do readings, you can buy your own oracle and tarot cards there. The shop also carries a wide variety of crystals, books, herbs, candles, statues and many other tools used for spiritual growth.

“We also facilitate different ceremonies and classes,” Wellman said.

Find the various events at

Need a gift? The shop has a large selection of jewelry and other items that make great gifts, too. On a recent visit, we saw a mother excitedly deciding between two tongue drums for her son, a musician. A tongue drum is a round steel drum in the idiophone family, producing sound primarily by the vibration of the instrument.

Indigo Moons is Wellman’s dream come true, a home away from home for her, her practitioners and community.

“Indigo Moons is open to everyone,” Wellman said. “We want people to feel welcomed and know that we are a safe space to come to.”

Indigo Moons
1900 Blalock Rd., Suite J
Houston, TX 77080

— by Dorothy Puch Lillig