By Christina Autry

Wonderland, Spring Branch District’s new trendy tea and coffee shop, gives customers a modern, fantastical garden vibe to enjoy along with their beverage. The greenery of the store nicely reflects the woodsy environment of the surrounding Spring Branch neighborhood. Wonderland’s soft opening period is coming to a close, and their grand opening is slated for Saturday, March 9th.

Wonderland, for the past few months, has offered a variety of milk teas, including rose tea, Thai tea, green tea, matcha lattes, or even taro milk tea with taro chunks. You can top your green, earl grey, or oolong teas with cheese foam or matcha foam, additions that are well-liked by customers. While offering a classic selection of coffees (espresso, latte, americano, cappuccino and cold brew), Wonderland also creates fruit teas, fresh juice, smoothies, and slushies. Tapioca, aloe vera, egg pudding, rainbow jelly and more are recommended additions to your beverage, as is a big scoop of ice cream. Baked temptations like sweet potato cinnamon cheesecake pair well with a hot cup of coffee or tea.

Unique food items new to the Spring Branch area could be on the table after the shop’s imminent grand opening. Seen on Wonderland’s Yelp menu, but not yet served, are “Hong Kong Dessert Bowls,” which consist of mango, watermelon, lychee and other fresh fruits mixed with rice balls and fruit slush. The arguably most exciting possibility is the “Hong Kong Pancakes.” Upon calling Wonderland, the barista confirmed that this delicious dish could be in the cards. Houston has not yet been graced with these jiggly, fluffy souffle-style pancakes, and so far we’ve only been able to gaze longingly through our screens, seeing them enjoyed in culinary capitals of the world, such as Tokyo, New York, or Los Angeles. The advent of Wonderland’s potential souffle pancakes could become a milestone in Houston’s food scene.

Once you’ve made your drink selection, find a spot at one of the many white tables in the open-concept seating area. Green and yellow chairs match the faux ferns crowned with flowers, hanging from the ceiling and draping across sections of the walls. Canvases covered in pink and peach flowers give the garden environment a manicured look. You’ll often see customers with laptops, making use of the caffeine and the tranquility for work.

Once your drink is ready, you might indulge in what is becoming a trend at Wonderland: taking a few pictures for your social media account. Instagrammer @Chroniclesofnanja, a Houston lifestyle blogger with over 18K followers, is one of a growing number of bloggers who have appreciated and photographed the aesthetics at Wonderland. Make use of the faux botanicals, which have made a comeback in popularity in the past year, and can be seen in many new coffee, tea, and ice cream shops.

Whether it’s a surprisingly cold, or dreadfully hot spring day in Houston, Wonderland in Spring Branch has you covered, offering you a hot coffee, or an iced tea laden with popping boba. Go outside of your comfort zone, and order a cheese foam topped tea, or a durian smoothie. What’s life without a little wonder?

1463 Wirt Road
Houston, Texas 77055
(832) 649-8442
Instagram: @wonderlandcoffeehouston

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