By Christina Autry

What is Revalushion?

Revalushion Management Agency “puts artists to work doing what they love, while helping out the community,” says Eva Elias, founder and owner of this Spring Branch-based modeling and talent agency.

Revalushion connects models and artists with clients seeking talented individuals for projects and promotions domestically and internationally. As its name suggests, the agency is immersed in the fashion industry, where Revalushion models showcase clothing from America to India, from street clothing to high fashion.

“We plug models and artists into bigger agencies in bigger cities that have a broader scope.” We are a ‘mother agency’ in this way,” explains Eva.

Revalushion has participated in New York Fashion Week every year since its founding in 2015, but this year’s February NYFW show was particular cause for celebration. Anyone gazing around Times Square during this world-renowned event would have seen Houston models Jordan Lambert, Samantha LeDuc, and Roger De Avila featured on a prominent Adonis King Collection billboard.
When they’re not walking the runways of New York, Revalushion works behind the scenes, putting to work makeup artists, photographers, stylists, designers, dancers and painters for a variety of opportunities. “If a business wants to promote themselves through media, we are here to bring them a little more flavor,” Eva explains. While businesses request new personalized photo shoots, they can also order prints of previous shoots online.

Revalushion not only beautifies its clients’ media presence, but the city of Houston as well. Recently, Revalushion artist Danny Asberry El painted the colorful mural on the new Yale Street Whole Foods. The mural depicts aspects of the community’s history, along with the phrase: “Independence Heights: First City Incorporated by African Americans in Texas Est. 1908,” helping remind the neighborhood of its roots, through art.

Modeling with Revalushion

Individuals wanting to work with Revalushion must apply through their website. “About 75% of our recruiting is word of mouth recommendations from our current models,” says Eva. “We’re very easy to communicate with; just reach out via email or social media and ask us any questions.”

Applying through the website means providing photos, height and measurements, and being prepared for a Skype interview. But more than anything, Eva emphasizes, “We like to see passion. They have to want to do this. This isn’t an easy industry. You have to love it. If you do, the passion comes across in everything you do.”

Once models are hired on, “if they have no experience, we develop them,” says Eva. “We also work with people with experience, and we help bring them into our work culture.” Models are trained on how to run their career like a business. “Each person is a brand, and they need to know how to manage themselves in the best way possible,” explains Eva. Coaching includes what to do (and not do) on social media, how to present themselves and work effectively while on the job, build their portfolios, and best practices in how to elevate their careers.

This guidance has yielded beneficial results for the agency and their clients alike. “Our feedback that we always get from businesses and designers is that our talent is very professional. They are a delight to work with. They get the job done. And that’s how business grows,” states Eva.

Part of their secret lies in the supportive environment that they have created at Revalushion. “We are truly team-oriented, and the models are all very supportive of one another. That’s how everyone grows. It’s important to foster a supportive environment in such a difficult industry.”

Revalushionary Beginnings

As a young woman, Eva enjoyed the arts through pursuing her love for acting. Though she landed a very different career in finance for many years, she always knew she wanted to return to the arts when she had the chance. While working as a manager in a financial institution, Eva was simultaneously running an online boutique which gathered and displayed clothing designs from a variety of designers.

It took a mother persistently requesting Eva to sponsor her daughter’s beauty pageant to bring Eva back into the arts full-time. When the woman’s daughter won the beauty pageant with Eva’s help, other pageant participants flocked to Eva for sponsorship as well. Being exposed to the world of beauty pageants, Eva noticed that “It was supposed to be empowering women, but it wasn’t happening. I decided to take a stand for these girls, and guys, by providing a safe and effective environment for them to work.”

“Everything started growing from there. I started focusing on developing them as models,” which brought about the establishment of Revalushion Management Agency. Owning the business gives life to three things that Eva loves: art, people, and fashion. “This is what makes my soul happy, when we get to see the people we work with reach milestones that they didn’t think were possible.”

Revalushion has exciting events and opportunities in store throughout the course of 2019, and hopes to continue expanding to work on behalf of 50 models.

Eva was purposeful in her choice to build her business in the Spring Branch District. She recognized that in addition to Spring Branch being in a central, convenient location in Houston, as well as a hub for delicious Korean food and beauty products that the models enjoy, “there is huge opportunity in Spring Branch, and so much potential for the arts. It’s a gem that’s starting to shine. This is the best option for us.”

Revalushion Management Agency
7807 Long Point Rd Ste 240, Houston, TX 77055
Phone: (346) 704-4433
Instagram: @revalushionmanagement

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