by Dorothy Puch Lillig

If you’re one of those people who can’t decide if you’re craving breakfast or lunch, a doughnut or a burger, a pizza or falafel, Spring Branch Burger Shack is your place.

From the Clay Road burger (a freshly grilled patty on an everything bagel) to the Murray Bay Street burger (a freshly grilled patty between two hot, glazed doughnuts) to the I-10 burger (with a pepperoni pizza as the bottom bun), the combinations will suit all appetites.

Hankering for just a “regular” burger? They’ve got those, too. And they’re yummy.

Spring Branch Burger Shack, 1415 Murray Bay Street, is the second Spring Branch District area restaurant for Terry and Sevi Stamatakos, who also own Simply Greek Gyros, 1900 Blalock Road.

The Burger Shack opened its doors on Aug. 22 in a spot previously occupied by A Little Seoul, but the Stamatakoses’ Spring Branch District journey started five years ago with a Simply Greek food truck parked behind J & T Automotive at Westview and Campbell.

“The support from Spring Branch residents was amazing and, within a year and a half, we moved into our first restaurant Simply Greek Gyros,” Terry Stamatakos said.

“The Burger Shack idea came because of our love of our cooking and creating specialty burgers that no one else does,” Stamatakos added.

The Clay Road is a freshly grilled patty on an everything bagel topped with cream cheese, tomato and bacon.

The shack’s biggest seller is the I-10 burger, which is actually the Blalock Road burger (beef with melted American cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and onion) turned upside down with a pepperoni pizza as the bottom bun.

The Murray Bay Street is served between two glazed doughnuts with American cheese and bacon.

See a pattern with the names of the burgers?

“We decided to name our burgers after Spring Branch streets because we wanted our customers to relate with the Burger Shack and see it as their own local mom and pop burger shack,” Stamatakos said.

And they don’t plan to stick to just burgers. Stamatakos said they are currently developing a signature chicken sandwich that will be named after Campbell Road.

“Also, I’m talking with the local bakery to create some brioche hot dog buns for us, and we will start selling all-beef specialty hot dogs very soon,” Stamatakos added.

For those who don’t want a beef burger, the restaurant already offers the Hammerly Boulevard, which is a falafel patty topped with hummus. And, of course, they had to throw in a little Simply Greek with the Antoine Road burger, which is a burger topped with feta cheese and Greek garlic yogurt sauce and served on pita bread.

Whatever you choose, you’ll be getting something unique to the Spring Branch District — from the ingredients to the names.

Spring Branch Burger Shack
1415 Murray Bay Street
Houston, Texas 77080
(832) 649-2900

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