Cheryn Pollard

Strong, thunderous, sudden rain downpours in this time of climate change frighten many pet dogs. Amid the pandemic, many canines suffer separation anxiety as owners resume working away from home.

With all the disruption and the ups and downs of “normal” life,

dogs and the people who love them turn for relief to Spring Branch resident Cheryn Pollard, a certified dog massage therapist and veterinary cannabis guide.

Her business, Pawse Canine Wellness, is at Paw-radise Pet Spa, 6615 Long Point Rd. in Spring Branch, or through her mobile service at owners’ residences.

Pollard, formerly in the hospitality industry,  became interested in alternative therapies for dogs when her foster dog became seriously ill. She explored several alternative approaches for her beloved pet before settling on massage and acquiring expertise about CBD oil extracted from hemp. The massage regimen returned the dog to much better health, as confirmed by a foster care agency employee.

Pollard, who started her business in 2018, is certified in performing trigger point massage, therapeutic massage, advanced canine massage and Reiki on dogs and in massage for canine athletes.

With her certification from, she advises dog owners and caregivers on applicable state laws, product safety and referrals for treatment.

Biggest dog she has massaged? A 130-lb. Great Dane.

Smallest? A 5-lb. Maltese.

Reasons why dogs may need massages and/or cannabis oil? Injury, old age, recovery from surgery, anxiety, fear of thunderstorms, better athletic performance, recuperating from illness and more.

Benefits of dog massage? Blood and lymph circulation improvement, endorphin release, increased trust and mood elevation, improved flexibility, increased body awareness, muscle efficiency, increase in performance, shortened recovery time from illness, injury, or surgery, emotional calming, and injury prevention.

Is she a veterinarian? No. She does not diagnose medical issues, offer medical advice, prescribe drugs, or perform surgery. Please note that these services are not a substitute for medical or veterinary care. If your animal appears to be injured please see your veterinarian as soon as possible. By Texas law, therapeutic massage on an animal is required to be done under the direct or general supervision of a licensed veterinarian. A veterinary supervision form is required prior to your first visit with Pollard to be in compliance with Texas Administrative Code  §573.14.

Cheryn Pollard
6615 Long Point Road, Suite C, 77055

— by Alan Bernstein