Joely Contreras grew up in the Spring Branch District and has blossomed into a real estate agent and innovative businesswoman.

While buying and selling homes with certification as a Realtor, she has also created an all-natural product, called Spot Gone, for use in cleaning home interiors.

In fact, some of the marketing of her product is aimed at her peers in the real estate business.

“Do you frequently show homes that need a few last-minute touch-ups? Then Spot Gone is perfect for you,” says one of her materials.

Her online promotions feature lists:

Natural, safe… nontoxic, non-abrasive, gluten-free, vegan, homemade… sulfate-free, kid safe…

(For use on) countertops, clothes, furniture, floors, upholstery, quartz, granite, marble, laundry… toner, shoe polish, ketchup, rust, guacamole (and the formula is at least) 3 percent peroxide.

Spot Gone came about when Conteras and her husband Carlos Conteras recognized the need for a cleaning product that can get the job done with no hassle. The catch was to create a formula that can be used on any type of stain versus using two or three products for one mess up.

Prices start at $6.90 for a 2.7-ounce container and Spot Gone is offered at retail stores as well.

“I needed a product that was going to work on anything but one that was not harmful because most people have ‘fur babies’ or children and they wouldn’t want harmful products,” she said.

She began sharing it with friends and family. One of her good friends Jenny Frost, was in dire need of it because she had a major red wine carpet accident at her house.

“I gave it to one of my good friends and she said, Oh my gosh! This product saved my life… You have to give me more!” Contreras remarked.

After the wine problem was solved, Frost encouraged her to put Spot Gone on the product market. The rest was business history, as they say.

Contreras emphasized her product team is like a family. Her assistant Jerron Bruce came up with a product logo and has played a key role with other branding.

The ultimate mission of “Spot Gone”, is to become a household brand – and one associated with helping to save animals. The company has donated bottles of Spot Gone to people who rescue animals.

With Spring Branch as her home base, she said she takes pride in the area’s diversity, growth, community development and location within easy travel to major commercial centers.

She ended our interview by mentioning home-buying grants of $2,500 to $5,000 toward each eligible buyer’s closing costs. It’s a JPMorgan program for sales in redeveloping areas. Contreras said she researches addresses to see if they are eligible.

— By Raquel Sims