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Everyone loves Food Network shows that include surprising flavors cobbled together in such a way that most of us would never dream to try ourselves. Even restaurants compete to try to discover the latest, greatest taste blend with which to entice customers through the door.

But Supreme Sandwiches prefers to stick to the classics. This Spring Branch mainstay bucks the trend to provide their patrons with satisfying, straightforward food that will satisfy every time.

From fresh tuna salad to toasted shaved ham and cheese, turkey to pastrami, these folks know how to put together a sandwich. And to make things really special, the Spring Branch location offers a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich!

A sandwich, chips or potato salad, and a 12oz drink is just $5 at lunch. You get the basics (no free refills, and add-ons are extra), but you are out the door with a tasty full meal for the price of a trip to Starbucks.

supreme sandwiches insideAs it happens, the idea of selling sandwiches was born of necessity, when a customer walked into the butcher shop saying he was hungry, and requested a sandwich. The next thing they knew, they were making and selling sandwiches as fast as they could make them.

While some may seek more complicated fare, Supreme Sandwiches is obviously doing something right–a few years back they were chosen as the #1 restaurant in the Golden Oldies category by the Houston Press.

In addition to serving the walk-in customer, the chain also offers party trays which, depending on the order, can handle groups from 10 to 30 people.

Don’t forget the fresh baked cookies.

Supreme Sandwiches, 8612 Hammerly Boulevard,, 713-385-9253

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