Horti: Of or relating to the cultivation of plants; such as, fruits, vegetables, flowers, or ornamental plants in a garden.

Process: A series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.

HortiProcess: A Spring Branch District business perfectly blending the two into a growing business.

Located on the southwestern edge of the Spring Branch Management District, HortiProcess imports and processes coffee and fruits grown in the central and southwestern regions of Colombia.

Within our line of products and services we have a coffee roaster, in which we focus on Colombian coffee for our brands,” said founder and process leader Juan P. Quintero. We also provide private label services for other coffee producers from other countries, who bring their green coffee to be processed at HortiProcess.”

Quintero also imports tropical and exotic fruits and sells dehydrated fruit infusions and juices.

Just as his business is focused on products from a particular geographic region, Quintero said geography is what brought him to the Spring Branch District.

The truth is that it was more circumstantial because I did not know the city well, and the opportunities brought me to this area. I really liked (Spring Branch) a lot for the location and the proximity to any geographical point in the city,” he said.

He also chose to Iive in the area. And his company delivers purchased products for free to residents of the Spring Branch area.

Originally from —  you guessed it — Colombia, Quintero has run HortiProcess since January 2018.

HortiProcess is the continuation of a business from previous years and, after a pause of several years, the company was reborn and modified,” he said.

”With help from some organizations such as PeopleFund, from which I was able to obtain a loan for the purchase of equipment and machines, I was able to start the production process.”

Austin-based PeopleFund provides small business loans as well as business assistance and education to people with otherwise limited access to such resources.

I had the great opportunity to come and settle in this country,” he said, adding: I have a lot of optimism and faith that soon we will be taking new steps in another stage of the company, such as points of sale where people can enjoy a cup of our coffee and an excellent plate of our fruits that evoke the tradition and gastronomy of the tropics.”

For now, customers can sample coffee, fruits and fruit products and purchase products at the HortiProcess warehouse at 1919 West Sam Houston Parkway North, Suite 325, along Beltway 8 between Hammerly Blvd. and Westview Dr. The warehouse is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The company also sells products at local farmers markets around the city, including the Farmers Market on Grand Parkway and The Woodlands Farmers Market. A few stores also carry the products, Quintero said.

But online shopping is perhaps the easiest way to purchase HortiProcess products. Use CODE 77043 at the time of ordering for free delivery in Spring Branch.

Try a variety of Colombian coffee, including dark, classic, limited editions and decaf. HortiProcess offers coffee in K-cups, too. Its website provides info on each variety.

Quintero prides himself on offering a high-quality product. All coffees are fair-trade certified and labels provide info tasting notes and the product’s region of origin.

The time and temperature are very important factors during the roasting process of our coffee and help to create aromas and flavors naturally,” Quintero said.

In addition to coffee and fresh tropical fruit, sometimes offered in special boxes (the Valentines Day box sold out quickly), HortiProcess also sells Wayú Infusions made from dehydrated fruit. Simply drop the fruit into a cup of hot water and hydrate for three minutes. Its the drink you can sip — and eat. Perfect for those looking for a healthy and flavorful drink without caffeine or added sugars.

From Western Colombia to western Spring Branch District, Quintero said he strives to provide an excellent service to the people who live in the Spring Branch area and other nearby areas.”

1919 West Sam Houston Parkway North, Suite 325
Houston, Texas 77043

Social Media: @hortiprocess

— Dorothy Puch Lillig

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