By Dorothy Puch Lillig

Have you ever thought about running away and joining the circus? (Who hasn’t, to be fair, during these times?)

Or, maybe you are dreaming of a post-lockdown birthday celebration, bachelorette party or of a fun and unique weekend with your friends?

We’ve got an idea for you.

In French, “c’est la vie” means “that’s life.” At Cirque La Vie in Spring Branch, circus is life. And we don’t mean the kind of circus with animals and bumbling clowns.

The local circus provides high-skilled artists and beautifully dynamic shows for all ages and, as it is a club, the company also offers circus art lessons for members at 1905 Johanna Dr. in Spring Branch.

With the pandemic, like many local businesses, Cirque La Vie has had to contort their business plan in several different ways in order to maintain the health of their members, staff and the greater community.

They limited capacity and then limited classes to current “circus freak and stunt double” members only, while also offering live Zoom classes and recordings for nonmembers, according to their website.

If you thought about joining the club, hiring performers for a special event in the future or are just hearing about the business and would like to check it out someday, this Spring Branch business — like many others — needs local support now. Cirque La Vie is currently accepting donations via GoFundMe to keep their doors open.

“We are Cirque La Vie, a circus studio, and another home for a lot of us. Cirque La Vie’s focus is to make everyone who walks through the doors feel at home, coach and to help them grow in the area they wish to succeed in, but most of all this is the place where performers are born,” the fundraiser organizers posted. “The Cirque offers many classes such as flexibility, aerials, acrobatics, hand stands, and of course there are kids classes. Also, there is a very special circus class offered to Circus Freak members to learn how to become better performers.”

Want a sneak peek of what Cirque has to offer? Cirque La Vie recently started premiering weekly short shows on Instagram at 9 p.m. Mondays. Check them out at

Cirque also recently performed as part of the Kidtastic Summer in the City Series on Facebook Live with Memorial City Mall.

The 30-minute broadcast featuring Cirque La Vie performers in a Greatest Showman-themed performance left kids and adults alike in awe.

You still have a chance to see it! Check it out here:

If you feel like you’re walking through life on a tightrope trying to balance everything happening in the world these days, check out Cirque La Vie on social media and, hopefully in the near future, at their location in the Spring Branch District. They’ll provide a much-needed diversion from the circus of life.

Cirque La Vie
1905 Johanna Dr., Unit B1 Support Cirque La Vie

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